SMARTcare Connects is a web portal for employers to provide health education to their employees to keep down rising health care costs. The site offers downloadable media kits.


SMARTcare Living is a consumer health education website. This HTML website features a rotating flash banner with “SAMi, your personal SMARTcare assistant” illustrating monthly health tips


SMARTcare Savings is a website with print-out coupons for over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. It also offers healthy tips from SAMi, your personal SMARTcare assistant.


SMARTcare Pro is an online web portal offering after-care for health care patients. The program offers patient counseling sheets and over-the-counter (OTC) label information for nurse practitioners in the retail clinic environment.


RJS website is a full Flash animated website developed for a landscaping and tree service company. The site’s interactive animation makes it a unique and differentiating solution.


SMARTcare Media is the promotional website to promote the SMARTcare communications platform. This website utilizes a dual location tab navigation to successfully speaks to four different audiences.


B&B Retail Construction

B&B Retail Construction


Healthy Seasons Offers was a website that offered over-the-counter (OTC) print-out coupons for household brands. This website was linked to health care companies through a Managed Markets initiative.


ComfortWell interface

The ComfortWell interface was developed for a pilot program, offering patient counseling tools for retail clinicians. Nurse Practitioners could easily print counseling sheets in English or Spanish and view drug label information for OTC brands.