emergeAWARE logo

The emergeAWARE logo was developed for the Johnson & Johnson Managed Markets Strategic Account Directors. EmergeAware is a platform to share news internally.


Zyrtec ad

Zyrtec ad in Ovations – a member magazine for United Healthcare


Zyrtec postcard

Zyrtec postcard for Caremark to send out to all of its members


Healthy Seasons Offers

HealthySeasonsOffers.com was a website that offered over-the-counter (OTC) print-out coupons for household brands. This website was linked to health care companies through a Managed Markets initiative.


Humana member coupons

Humana member coupons. A front and back insert for Humana member magazine.


ComfortWell interface

The ComfortWell interface was developed for a pilot program, offering patient counseling tools for retail clinicians. Nurse Practitioners could easily print counseling sheets in English or Spanish and view drug label information for OTC brands.


ComfortWell patient counseling flyers

ComfortWell was a pilot offering patient counseling flyers on various conditions (allergy shown) to retail clinic customers. Nurse practitioners would print these sheets from an online interface.


ComfortWell logo

ComfortWell logo was designed for a retail clinic patient counseling pilot.